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Liver Cancer

Primary liver cancer begins in the cells of the liver itself. Although many cancers are declining in the United States, new cases of primary liver cancer are increasing.

In the United States, cancer affecting the liver is more commonly metastatic cancer, which occurs when tumors from other parts of the body spread (metastasize) to the liver. Cancers that commonly spread to the liver include colon, lung and breast cancers. These cancers aren't called liver cancer. Instead, they are named after the organ in which the cancer began — such as metastatic colon cancer to describe cancer that begins in the colon and spreads to the liver. These metastatic cancers are treated based on where the cancer began, rather than being treated as primary liver cancers.

Primary liver cancer is rarely discovered early and often doesn't respond to current treatments — thus, the prognosis is often poor. Even when treatments fail to provide much improvement in the liver cancer itself, pain and other signs and symptoms caused by liver cancer can be aggressively treated to improve quality of life. But the most important news about primary liver cancer is that you can greatly reduce your risk by protecting yourself from hepatitis infection and cirrhosis, the leading causes of the disease.

Risk factors

Primary liver cancer can affect people of all ages and races, but certain factors may increase your risk, including:

* Sex. Men are more likely to develop liver cancer than are women, though it isn't clear why.
* Age. In the United States and Europe, liver cancer diagnosis occurs on average at about age 60. People in Asia and Africa tend to be diagnosed with liver cancer at younger ages — between 20 and 50.
* Chronic infection with HBV or HCV. Chronic infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis C virus (HCV) is by far the most important risk factor for liver cancer.
* Cirrhosis. This progressive and irreversible condition causes scar tissue to form in your liver and increases your chances of developing liver cancer.
* Diabetes. People with this blood sugar disorder have a greater risk of liver cancer than do people who don't have diabetes. Having both diabetes and hepatitis C infection increases the risk even more.
* Exposure to aflatoxins. Consuming foods contaminated with fungi that produce aflatoxins greatly increases the risk of liver cancer. Crops such as corn, soybeans and peanuts can become contaminated with aflatoxins.
* Excessive alcohol consumption. Consuming more than a moderate amount of alcohol can lead to irreversible liver damage and increase your risk of liver cancer. Moderate consumption is defined as no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink for women. A drink is one 4- to 5-ounce glass of wine, 12 ounces of beer or a 1.5-ounce shot of 80-proof distilled spirits.
* Smoking. Smoking tobacco of any kind makes it more likely that you'll develop liver cancer.
* Bile duct disease. A disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis can cause inflammation and scarring of the liver's bile ducts. This increases your risk of bile duct cancer.


Why i wrote this? I just wanna to refresh you all to our late-father (grandfather) the caused of his death. Cancer. Doesn't matter, what ever cancer (you wanna call), yet it's CANCER, that take his live.

Please consider yourself, the history may repeat, please do medical checkup especially to those elderly.

Al-Fatihah, to our late-(grand)father.


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